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Providing REC opportunities, and facilities, for our
Local Mountain Community


Current classes include fit-parent boot camp, slow-flow yoga, and rhythm and motion dance. Soon, we hope to offer more health and wellness activities for adults and youth. Think of what you’d like to do and we’ll try to pull together a class. For soccer fans with school-aged children, LPCF REC sponsored fall mountain soccer.



Would you like to learn a new skill? How about a class on how to safely use and maintain a chainsaw? We would like to offer art, creative writing, cooking, craft, and dog-training classes. Perhaps we can form a book club. With so much mountain talent, we foresee enrichment classes being offered mostly by local residents.



We’re very pleased to announce the return of longtime community events this summer, including community movie nights, Mountain Resident’s Night Out, Rockin’ in the Mountains, Mountain Jam, and the 55 and older club.


Some programs that have been offered by REC / Used our facilities: 

Mountain Soccer | Rhythm and Motion Dance | Fit Parent Boot Camp | Kids Dance Class | Birthday Parties | Group Meetings | Dance Workout 

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REC Calendar of Events
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